Importance of Text Translation for Your Website Localization

‘Never impose your language on people you wish to reach.’ – Abbie Hoffman.

As a business in this digital-dominated world, it is very unlikely that you do not have a website. Whether you are a plumbing service or a digital signage provider, your website serves as a 24/7 salesperson.

Why Localize Websites

With a global flow of ideas, culture and even money, you might want your brand to have an international presence.

Localization of website involves adapting your products and all of the marketing materials to the target country’s audience.

Although other aspects like graphics and videos need to be localized, text translation is the starting point of your localization efforts.

Some Benefits of Text Translation

Here are some benefits of text translation:

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It Helps You Build Brand Presence

When your website’s content is translated by a software or a plugin, there’s a high probability that it will have mistranslations. These mistakes, although humorous, can prove to be quite damaging for your brand.

What’s more, if you want to sell in a country, you need to speak their language. A survey carried out by Common Sense Advisory showed that 52.4 percent of people would only purchase a product if the website’s text was in their native language.

It is great for the SEO

More than half of all Google’s searches are in a language other than English. This is a significant statistic considering the ubiquity of English language.

For Google, user-experience is of utmost importance. This means that Google will surely favor a website that has been localized and translated for the native. If you want to be found on Google internationally, the equation is pretty simple – translate and localize your website.

It Allows Customer Engagement on a Deeper Level

Language is a significant part of any country’s culture. When you go out of your way and translate your website’s text in the country’s language, it gives a strong message. It shows you are willing to go the extra mile for forming a personal connection with the audience.

It Is Great for Building Credibility

In the online world, one way to build credibility is by providing your customers with a good website experience.

What better way to enhance your site’s experience than text translation and localization. Not only will they be able to understand your offerings better, they will also form a positive impression.

With a team of professional linguists and translators, we at 5 Continents offer website translation and localization services to businesses looking to go global. With professionals strategically located in different parts of the world, we provide translation in up to 15 global languages.

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