Beyond Borders: Connecting people, bridging cultures.

We’re in the business of connecting people one day at a time.

5 Continents helps small- and medium-sized companies build their online businesses across the world through our translations, multimedia, and digital marketing services. Instead of experimenting and exploring on what should be done, why not work with our strategists who knows your audience to help you build a solid, scalable plan to achieve your goals?


Speak your customers’ language to engage with them. Stay relevant and localize your strategies.

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Digital Marketing

Understanding your audience is critical to your business. Start with a solid digital marketing plan.

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Visual content and videos help you connect and engage with customers. Do you need dubbing, voice-overs, video productions, and subtitling services? We can handle ‘em.

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5 Continents: Connecting People Beyond Borders

5 Continents (5C) is a language and digital marketing agency, which provides unparalleled language solutions to global clients. Our goal is simple. To connect people beyond borders in the age of digital media and communication. We offer fast, accurate translation, multimedia production, and digital marketing solutions.

Our team consists of certified, qualified, and trained professionals, which includes linguists, professional translators, digital marketers, web designers, and developers. Strategically located in key global cities, we work more efficiently, 24/7. We invest in advanced technology and techniques to wow our clients.

At 5C Translations, client satisfaction is our highest priority. We go an extra mile to ensure a prompt, personalized service and build long-term business relationships.

Recent Projects

We’ll let our portfolio do the marketing for us. Check out what we have accomplished and how good we are at translation, localization and multimedia projects.

Antigua Citizenship
Multi travel Consultants
MultiTravel Consultants
ClicksMob website construction in Korean and Chine...
Fruta7 website translation to Spanish


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