Maria Krisette Capati

Krisette is 5 Continents Translation’s content and digital marketing manager with over 6 years experience in Chinese markets and startups. She’s been in the online media industry since 2011 and is passionate about technology, language, culture, and globalization. With her exposure to international markets, she knows her way on content strategy and execution. Her global working experience has exposed her to work on different industries, mostly in the B2B niche, internet tools and platforms, crowdfunding, finance, consumer electronics, travel, cloud, social media and many among others.

Krisette has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at the Angeles University Foundation. She speaks four languages: Kapampangan (her native dialect), Filipino, English, and Mandarin and can write in English and Simplified Chinese. She supports faith-based non-profit organizations, women’s, and children’s rights, and youth empowerment.

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