Multilingual Projects

Multilingual translation is indispensable when reaching out to your global audience. Communication between the company and customers in multiple languages is critical. Every word matters. Every phrase has the power to break or build your brand to your target audience.

Our primary objective at 5 Continents Translations is to connect people beyond borders. And through our multilingual translation projects, we make sure that clients won’t waste their time looking for the right translators. Our competitive edge is that our professional translators with bachelor degrees in their respective industries match the skills you need for your globalization strategy.

With the right translators and matching skills, you don’t need to worry about how to handle your website translation, document translation or brochure translation in any language. Because our pool of professional translators is strategically located around the globe, you’re guaranteed to receive support just the way you need it.

We have been managing large-scale translation projects of Fortune 500 companies and guarantee we meet the deadlines.

We make sure that our projects undergo the QC/QA processes before submission. You will collaborate with the right translator, with the matching skills and expertise you need for your projects.

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