Looking for the ideal voice-over for your video? Our roster of professional native speakers can work that out for you. Beyond the talents and knowledge of the culture and language, they have the ability to act, create, and match the quality of your English videos that need voice-overs, subtitling and captioning in any language.

5 Continents Translations’ pool of professional voice-over talents and bilingual speakers can help you create effective and engaging audio-visual presentations and videos in more than 50 languages. Whether it’s a film, a 5-minute promotional video or you need to produce from scratch, our dedicated project managers and voice-over speakers will ensure you achieve your goals.

We handle both small and large-scale projects that are time-sensitive and require unparalleled quality. Our previous projects are currently being played at national museums and educational centers in Shanghai, Hong Kong and beyond.

Our production staff can work in our recording studios or with client’s preferred studios to ensure the perfect timing and quality. The translation and subtitles of these videos can have Roman, Cyrillic, Asian, and Arabic character sets, depending on your requirements.

You will be working with a dedicated project manager who will communicate with you throughout the process. From inception to completion, the multilingual production will be smooth and time-bound.

Here are the custom-built services for multiple languages:

  • Transcription
  • Voice-over
  • Video production
  • Dubbing with subtitles and captions
  • E-learning module translation, voice-over and localization

Your multimedia production projects are delivered on time, with unmatched quality and consistency, dubbed by our professional voice-over speakers.

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