Technical Translation Services

Our professional translators and industry experts will handle your technical translation projects in multilingual languages.

We understand that every word is critical throughout the process, but we also can’t overlook the technical aspects where the translator must have an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and the terminologies used, whether in your software codes, user guide manuals or training materials.

Our team of technical translators can handle software localization, translation of technical documents in over 50 languages, graphic editing of user manuals, technical drawings, system requirements documents and among others.

Aside from their translation skills and industry knowledge, 5 Continents’ professional translators also understand the business regulations of each industry and make sure that all the documents are in compliance according to policies of the region you’re targeting.

Our project managers ensure that all documents submitted undergo the QC/QA and are always responsive and flexible. And because our internal communication systems are streamlined, project managers, professional translators, designers, developers, graphic artists are on the same page when working on these technical documents.

We have collaborated with Fortune 500 companies and small-medium enterprises and have managed large-scale projects whether they are safety reports, installation instructions, service manuals or technical brochures of equipment.

Save time, cost and energy. Let 5 Continents Translation agency handle your projects and help you build your business across the globe. Experts should handle technical document translation. Try us!

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