Who We Are

We’re on a mission to connect people beyond borders. We help small and medium-sized companies build their online businesses across the world through our translation, multimedia, and digital marketing services.

Our story

5 Continents is a language and digital marketing agency that provides effective and accurate translation, localization and marketing services in any language. Our teams are strategically located around the world, making us more productive and always on the move ‘round the clock. You’re going to work with top professionals from each region who know the culture, language, and social behaviors of your target market, an important aspect for translation, localization, and online marketing and business consultancy.

We have linguists, polyglots, professional translators, digital marketers, content writers, web designers and developers, and business consultants with bachelor and master’s degrees in their respective fields.

Maria Krisette Capati

Content and Digital Marketing Manager

Krisette is 5 Continents Translation’s content and digital marketing manager with over 4 years...

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Sophie Ao

Head of China region

Sophie has over 10 years of experience in language business, specializing in management of translation,...

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Sonia Flores Ibanez

Head of Latin America region

Sonia is the Head of Latin America region with more 5 years of experience in market research. An...

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Tomer Yehezkeli

Founder and CEO

Tomer is the founder and CEO of 5 Continents Translation Agency with experience in the Chinese market...

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