Understanding Legal Translation

Legal translation has a make or break effect on court cases. That being said, these translations are much more challenging than other types of translation projects. It doesn’t just involve translating text from one language to another language.

The reality is that law itself is a technical field. In order to get it right, legal translators must be familiar with incredibly complex and technical legal language.

Apart from the language difficulties, every country has its own legal structure. A country’s culture and tradition can also shape its legal system. These factors can make legal translation very difficult.

Translators must have a complete knowledge of the legal systems and terminologies between the source and target countries. It’s vital for translators to compare legal systems as well as the cultural differences of the two societies.

Additionally, law is an extensive field. It includes a number of areas, such as criminal law, civil rights, corporate law, immigration law, and more. For effective legal translation, it’s important to hire a translator who specializes in your area of interest.

In addition to different areas, legal documents contain significant facts. Translators must keep track of facts, figures and rules and regulations to ensure accurate, precise translations.

Most importantly, legal translators handle all kinds of texts, such as identity documentation, official reports, transcripts, witness statements, wills and trusts, immigration documents, and more. Each document is translated in a different manner.

Legal translation isn’t the easiest form of translation work. It requires the highest degree of knowledge, accuracy and attention to detail. In this kind of translation, there’s no room for error. The smallest of mistakes can lead to serious consequences for individuals and companies.

Trusting someone with your legal translation project is an essential requirement. It’s crucial to choose a certified legal translation company that can protect the information in your legal documents. Legal documents contain personal information, including name, address, financial information, social security number, etc. of the filing party.

It’s the translation company’s responsible to make sure that the documents do not fall into wrong hands. Furthermore, they must be able to deliver on time because court cases are time sensitive. If legal documents are delivered to a court on time, the court can proceed with the case.

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