Hiring a French Translation Service? Here’s What to Look for…

Over 275 million people around the world speak French. It is also the official language of 29 countries (including Canada), and the fourth most commonly spoken language in the U.S.

Everything considered it’s not too difficult to see why businesses worldwide are showing more interest in marketing their services in French.

They know there is a large audience to tap, and this audience has strong purchasing power.

However, they are wary – they are wary of the mistakes that might happen during communication with their French audience.

Their customers might be fluent in speaking French, but they aren’t.

As such, a wrongly translated business copy might end up communicating a different message that it is intended to, or at worst, likely to make them look foolish.

It’s the last thing one would want to happen after investing so much money, time and effort towards their marketing campaigns.

Naturally, they prefer hiring French translation services to do the translation of the business copy for them.

But this solution in itself isn’t a “guaranteed” solution.

If the hired agency turns out to be incompetent, they can end up losing even more money.

How can businesses avoid hiring an incompetent French translation service?


Of course, the experience is the first thing one should look at when shortlisting agencies that offer translation services.

An experienced agency would be aware of the all the potential pitfalls that are likely to be encountered when translating content into French. They have seen it all and they would know how to approach the project.

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