Content Translation – The KEY to Increasing Your Web Traffic

Have you ever landed on a website while searching for a product, service or a blog idea, only to find it in a different language, eventually bouncing off to the next site?

It has happened with most of us, and plenty of times.

And it’s highly likely that it might have happened with our website visitors as well.

Don’t think so?

Imagine how many visitors, leads and customers you might have lost just because your website did not have content in the preferred language of your website visitors.

Now, you may think the number of such visitors are likely to be low as English is a widely-spoken language across the world.


But if you factor in that quite a large number of people “using internet” do not prefer to speak English, or are simply not competitive at speaking and understanding the language, the traffic that you have lost in all these months and years could add up to be significantly huge.

It’s plain and simple: If you aren’t translating your web content, you are missing out on traffic.

How do you optimize your web content for different languages across the world?

It all starts with identifying the sources of your web traffic.

And the tool that you can use for that is Google Analytics. It gives a complete demographic breakdown, revealing from which countries your website receives traffic. You can then use the data to translate your content accordingly.

How do you translate your web content into a foreign language?

There are many ways of doing so. You can use Google’s translate plugin, a translation software or you can hire third party translation services. We would recommend using the latter because it gives you the most accurate translation for your web content.

Yes, it’s going to cost you more money in comparison to other options, but what would you prefer:

Accurate content and thus more website visits, OR, inaccurate content and less traffic?

However, when hiring a translation service agency, make sure you hire the one that is experienced, reputable and employs native speakers to do the job.

Closing words

Bringing in web traffic is extremely tough these days. Everyone is offering great and valuable content to users. Employing a content translation strategy as such, can help you stand out from your competitors because essentially you will be offering great and valuable content and that too in the preferred language of your customers.

If you need any help with translating your web content, feel free to reach out; our expert multilingual copywriters will be happy to serve you. We also provide multimedia translation services in more than twelve international languages. Let’s discuss your project!

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